He Hath Said...

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"Hath he said, and shall he not do it?" Numbers 23:19

Though thy path be lone and cheerless
   And the road be steep and rough,
He hath said, and He is faithful--
   Is His promise not enough?

He hath said He will be with thee--
   Shall He leave thee then alone?
He hath said that thou shalt triumph--
   Shalt thou then be overthrown?

He hath said He careth for thee--
   Shall He not thy need supply?
He hath said He loveth ever--
   Shall He slight thy faintest sigh?

Christ, the Word, abideth faithful,
   Changeless ever shall endure:
Yesterday, today, forever,
   All His promises are sure!

Weary soul, be not downhearted--
   Courage take, and faith renew;
For His promise faileth never--
   He hath said, and He will do!
              --E. Margaret Clarkson