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Father, Take My Hand

My Father, take my hand, for I am prone
To danger, and I fear to go alone.
I trust thy guidance, Father, take my hand;
Lead thy child safely through the desert land.
The way is dark before me; take my hand,
For light can only come at thy command.
Clinging to thy dear love, no doubt I know,
That love will cheer my way where'er I go.

Father, the storm is breaking o'er me wild;
I feel its bitterness; protect thy child.
The tempest-clouds are flying through the air;
Oh, take my hand, and save me from despair.
Father, as I ascend the craggy steep
That leads me to thy temple, let me keep
My hand in thine, so I can conquer time
And by thine aiding to thy bosom climb.
Father, I feel the damp upon my brow,
The chill of death is falling on me now;
Soon from earth's flitting shadows I must part;
My Father, take my hand, thou hast my heart.

                         Samuel Dowse Robbins