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If God could form the universe,
   And nature beautify,
Could hang the million blinking stars
   Out yonder in the sky,
If He could roll the fertile plain
   And form the mountain high,
Then can He not protect His child,
   The apple of His eye?

If He could plan the night and day
   And cause the land to be,
Cold span the heavens with His hands
   And measure out the sea;
If He were Master of the waves
   On stormy Galilee,
Then He can guide my little bark
   And give me victory.

O God, the Fountain of my life,
   My refuge in the storm;
My Friend in days of loneliness
   And when the nights seem long.
To Thee I lift my voice in praise,
   And with my pen ascribe
The honor due unto Thy name,
   My pilot and my Guide.