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Life's Day

As swiftly as a day flies by,
  So wings the day of life.
The carefree child of yesterday
  So soon becomes a wife.
The teen-aged lad so swiftly clasps
The girl the crown of motherhood
  Soon wears so regally.

Today's young father steps into
  Life's mid-years very soon,
Life, rushing on, has quickly passed
  Its zenith--glowing noon.
They hardly can believe it true,
  But they're grandparents now.
He's reached an age when from his work
  He takes a gracious bow.

The mirror shows two faces framed
  With lovely silver hair.
Life's sun is setting in the west.
  How soon it traveled there!
One day that sun shall rise again
  Upon the other shore,
For we are only travelers here,
  Till journeying days are o'er.