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"Silence in Great Affliction" by Rev. Gerrit Vos
Rev. Gerrit Vos was pastor of the Hudsonville MI Protestant Reformed Church from 1929-1932 and from 1948-1965.  This meditation on Psalm 39:9 was written in connection with a sad "accident" in which a young mother with her unborn child were electrocuted.

"Visited by the Majesty on High" by Rev. Gerrit Vos
Rev. Gerrit Vos wrote this meditation, based on Psalm 46:8, 10, 11, on the occasion of a devastating tornado which caused great damage in Hudsonville, MI and surrounding areas on April 3, 1956.

"A Walk Through the Valley" by Rev. Gerrit Vos
Rev. Gerrit Vos explains what Psalm 23:4 means for the afflicted Christian.

"Good News for the Afflicted" by Rev. Herman Hoeksema
These short meditations were written for the church bulletin during the time of the second World War when many of the young men of the church were fighting and dying on the battlefield.

"Our Only Comfort" by Rev. Carl Haak
Rev. Carl Haak presents a short introduction to the wonderful comfort as presented in the Heidelberg Catechism, question 1.

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